Where Does Your Time Go?

Do you get to Friday afternoon, and wonder where your week went?  Do you never seem to have enough time in the day to finish your to do list?  The answer to where your time is going it probably right in front of your nose… on your calendar to be specific.

It is no surprise that meetings can become a huge time suck.  Take a look at your calendar for this week, and take note of how many meetings you have booked.  Now consider how much time is needed to prep for making those meetings successful.  Now add the time it takes you to ramp back up on your actual work.

Add that all together, and that is a lot of time!

Digital transformation has revolutionized many aspects of user experience, across customer interactions and business processes, but it has not yet impacted enterprise management.

It takes diverse members with specific focus areas to make up a successful enterprise.  These individuals think differently, work differently, to output specific deliverables that are parts to a bigger whole.

time management meetings

With so many coming together, thinking differently, working differently, and being managed differently, we at Swarm wondered …

Could we digitally transform the enterprise management experience?

We believe we can.  We believe that we can take cross discipline teams, allow them to work together in the same deliverable platform, and help them communicate across specialization boundaries.  All of this providing an experience that will allow for more real time collaboration, and less of a need for the meetings, which suck your day and your life away.

See how Swarm can save your time


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