Atlassian and InVision strike a deal to follow swarms path of integrating development and design into a seamless workflow.

From InVision’s blog (full article listed below), they write,

"Atlassian and InVision strongly believe that a more seamless workflow for design, engineering and project management will translate into more transformative work.”

They also outline their goals for this endeavor, which is right up our alley …

“Our mission? To create one seamless workflow for designing and developing digital experiences. First, we’ll deepen our existing integrations between InVision and Jira, Confluence, and Trello, as we bring Atlassian functionality directly into our product suite, including our upcoming release of InVision Studio. Second, we’ll jointly explore strategic initiatives that tie the work of designers and developers more closely together. As part of this new commitment between our organizations, Atlassian has made a strategic financial investment in InVision.”

This is a welcome addition to our goals at Swarm.  It is good to see market recognition of such a large issue which until recently has gone unnoticed by those in the industry.  We look forward to seeing what challenges these two powerhouses can overcome, as they begin discovering how vast these challenges are, and their integration points across the enterprise.


A new strategic relationship between Atlassian and InVision

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