What Is Digital Transformation?

What is digital transformation?  We have been asked that a lot over the past few years, and it is an interesting question to ponder.  Digital transformation is more than just taking processes and making digital experiences out of them.  Digital transformation is more than trying to reduce headcount by automating areas of the business.

Digital Transformation is the creation of new workplace tools and experiences, to empower the people using them, and add value to the enterprise.

At Swarm, we don’t think that digital transformation should just be left to other areas of the business.  IT departments have evolved.  More so over the past 5 years than ever before.  Product teams have become increasingly cross-disciplined, integrating data analysts, designers, developers, business analysts, strategists, and more into a single unit.

These roles often have different psychological mindsets and biases.  They think and operate differently, and as they emerged from different silo’s, they are confined to tools of old legacy, which do not integrate with their counterparts tools.

Swarm is here to change that.  We are here to digitally transform product development and project management.  Swarm takes the core components from the various disciplines management tools, brings them together, and allows for team members to finally manage all of their deliverables in one place.

Swarm creates more productivity across teams.  Swarm creates a more cohesive and collaborative work environment.  Swarm makes digital transformation success an achievable possibility for ever business.

See how Swarm can help you and your business.

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